OPT-EMAX Opt-Emax double traingular hinged unit-BADGING AVAILABLE (185744)

Group 4 Motorway Truck Kitemark HA 104/09 SFA 7 CEWSI 7

Product Type: Access Cover

Product Used: D400 - Areas subjected to continuous traffic such as Roads/Dual Carriageways/Motorways


Length: 1220

Width: 685

Depth: 100


Lock: YES

Grate: Hinged Removable

Cover Type: Standard

Skid: No

Seal: No

Install+: Yes

Security: Yes

Kerb Profile: N/A

HA102 Reference: N/A

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We recommend the following accessory. If you need more information, please get in touch.

  • Retro-Fit Locking Kit
  • Retro-Fit Install Plus Kit
  • Safety Grid
  • Locking & Lifting Key
  • Heavy Duty Lifting Key
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